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Whisper Mama - a novel


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Evelyn Castle's life derails; she lives on...

Three Generations ~ Three Little Girls

If you desire a true life story that leads you from chaos to calm, this book is for you.

*A portion of all purchases support children and families in counseling*


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It has been said that copper is an essential trace element that is vital to the health of all living things. Our Whisper Mama Gives program features the Heart Mark Book Mark, designed by Belle Lachelle Jewelry & Design. Include this special item in your purchase with peace of mind that you're helping others.

*100% of Heart Mark sales go to our giving programs supporting displaced children, and children and families in counseling*

Three Generations - A Story Based On True Events

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 A Miraculous Event that Defines Three Generations of Strong Women 

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     ~ Whisper Mama Gives ~ 

Realizing Dreams of Uplifting Others

We donate sensory crafts and toys for young patients in counseling. We provide comfort necessities for displaced children and  journals for youth and expectant mothers. We strive to support education programs in schools by gifting supplies needed to encourage healthy life skills.

Help us uplift our youth and children:




Book Club Questions


How do you feel about the book? Does it speak to the basic need to “hear” our mothers? To feel their protection, their presence? Also the need for them to stay the course, to lead, and to nurture in any given situation? 



The Main Character, Evelyn, though quiet by nature, had a certain pride and unshakable strength throughout her entire life. Could you see  this? 



Which character did you identify with the most? Why? 



Lu learned from each antagonist. Do you agree? 


Did the message, “break the chain” come through even though those exact words were never mentioned throughout the book? 



Did the book show us how each generation impacted by loss and/or abuse can  dangerously affect many generations to follow? 


               ~Whisper Mama Gives~                               

Realizing much of the personal challenges featured in this story are far too common, we feel the need to help in any way that we can. Our giving programs provide therapeutic communication tools, crafts and toys for young patients in counseling. We strive to donate comfort necessities for displaced and hospitalized children and to support education programs in schools by gifting supplies needed to develop healthy life skills.


~As important as it is to recognize the problem, more important is to help with the solution~ 

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Whisper Mama

Po Box 231188

Anchorage, AK 99523-1188


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Author Bio

Linda Haas-Melchert is an author and artist residing in Anchorage, Alaska. Her professional background is filled with all things travel. She began as a flight attendant, and has held a variety of travel positions. After years of hard work, Linda became vp of marketing, where she specialized in designing and promoting tourism for international travelers. Linda eventually circled back, donning her flight attendant cap once more. 

Linda has always known she would write a story. She's realized her first novel, Whisper Mama, inspired by her grandmother's miraculous survival when hit by a train in 1925. The story touches on three generations, their hardships, and how they get through them. 

Writing fiction, based on truth, has sparked her desire for storytelling, so much so, that she's planned, Wing Girl, for release in 2020.

Recognizing needs in her community, Linda is a hospital volunteer and has created, Whisper Mama Gives: a feeder program which works closely with nonprofits in support of children and families in counseling.

Her message to you: One step at a time, soon you'll be flying!